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Weekend Creations - Psycho

  Weekend Creations - Psycho  

Ravi Vide

Date: 15th June 2010 Bookmark and Share

Psycho is a 14 minutes thriller short film that deals with how strange the events in a person's life can turn in 30 minutes of short time span.

Please watch the movie at the following links.



Please try to watch in 720p High Definition with high volume for the best viewing experience.

Please come back here and leave your Comments and Feedback.

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Santhan – Fairfield, Iowa
July 11, 2010 - 12:00
Subject: Amazing work

I'm not sure what the background behind the creation of Psyco is, but well done to everyone involved. I watched the first part and I did not expect to be so drawn into the story. Outstanding! I think you've got something here

By the way, you may be interested in Blender v2.5 as an alternative to editing. I've just recently started using it and it's as professional as you can get...for free.

Looking forward to more from Weekend Creations.

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