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Super Star Mahesh Babu's Hits And Flops - Complete List

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  Super Star Mahesh Babu's Hits And Flops - Complete List  
Date: 28th January 2011  

Super Star Mahesh Babu's Movies List and Their Result:

1. Rajakumarudu Super Hit
2. Yuvaraju Average
3. Vamsi Utter Flop
4. Murari Hit
5. Takkari Donga Below Average
6. Bobby Utter Flop
7. Okkadu Super Hit
8. Nijam Below Average
9. Nani Utter Flop
10. Arjun Average
11. Athadu Hit
12. Pokiri Super Hit (Industry Hit)
13. Sainikudu Utter Flop
14. Athidhi Flop
15. Khaleja Utter Flop

Consolidated Report Of Hits And Flops:

ResultTotal Number
Super Hit 03
Hit 02
Above Average 00
Average 02
Below Average 02
Flop 01
Utter Flop 05

Hits And Flops Ratio:

Total Hit-Flop Ratio: 7:8
Hit Percentage: 47%

Note: While calculating Hit-Flop Ratio, we took averages, above averages, hits and super hits as hits and below averages, flops and utter flops as flops.
We did not take Mahesh Babu' movies as a child artist into consideration.


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