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Powerful Dialogues From Junior NTR's 'Dammu'

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  Powerful Dialogues From Junior NTR's 'Dammu'  
Date: 15th November 2011  

Some of the dialogues from Young Tiger NTR's 'Dammu' leaked recently and are making rounds. Check them below.

  • NTR: Without khaki lo vunte, cool gaa vuntaa.... with khaki lo vunte, kummeselaa vuntaa....
    Villain: Evadraaa nuvvoo...?
    NTR: Department lo andaroo tiger antaaru. Bayato andaroo young tiger antaru.
  • Mabbu kanabadithe varsham paduthundani expect cheyyochchu.
    Gaali vasthe tuphanu paduthundani expect cheyyochchu.
    Kaani, nenu kodithe brathukuthaavani maatram expect cheyyaku.


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