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Who Will Be The Next Tollywood Number One Hero?

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  Who Will Be The Next Tollywood Number One Hero?  
Date: 27th April 2010  

Sometimes, Heroes' fans are more concerned about the numbers than the Heroes. In order to defend their hero, we see in many cases where some fans compare hit ratios, some fans compare collections and some, the amount of fan following.

Below are some of the examples where you can see how fans argue about their favorite heroes.

Junior NTR fans:

He will become number one because he has no competition. Pawan Kalyan does not do movies regularly; He also does not come under the age group of NTR. Hence he is eliminated from the competition. Mahesh Babu does not have wide range of mass following like NTR and he is also an irregular hero of recent times, hence he is out of the competition. A strong sentiment lies in Tollywood that if Rajamouli gives a blockbuster to any hero, that hero has to face several flops for years, so because of this mind blowing prediction, Ramcharan is out of the list. Allu Arjun and Prabhas still have to increase their fans circles. They are not the competitors for NTR. So, Junior NTR will be the future Number One.

Ramcharan fans:

Ramcharan gave the biggest hit of Tollywood and he carries it further and will become Number One like his father with all the support he got from his fans(inherited property from his father).

Allu Arjun fans:

Allu Arjun has no flops till now. Even Varudu collected very good amounts and can not be considered as utter flop and with all that hit percentage, he will become number one.

Mahesh Babu fans:

He is already Number One.

Ravi Teja fans:

One of the famous website claimed that Ravi Teja is running towards Number One because he is giving at least one super hit every year and he is producers' hero. So, he will become Number One.


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