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Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu - No Run Records In Their Careers So Far!!

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  Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu - No Run Records In Their Careers So Far!!  
Date: 18th May 2010  

Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu set no run records in their careers so far! Surprised? But the above statement is absolutely correct. Though both heroes stand almost at top two places based on the pre release business of their movies, they still have not set any running records from their previous movies for 50 days, 100 days and 175 days respectively. Let us go through the following statistics.

Pawan Kalyan: Tholiprema, Kushi and Jalsa are said to be the biggest hits of Pawan's career. Though Tholiprema proved biggest romantic entertainer of those times, it ran 50 days in 55 centers, 100 days in 17 centers and 175 days in just two centers. It could not beat previous run records of Bavagaru..Bagannaraa--50 days 90 centers, 100 days 55 centers then.

Kushi set the industry record by collecting 24 crores share. But it did not cross previous run records of Narasimha Naidu 50 days 125 centers and 100 days in 98 centers. Kushi ran 50 days in 102 centers and 100 days in 75 centers.

Jalsa collected 35 crores and stood second after Pokiri at one time. But it ran 50 days in 165 centers and 100 days in just 23 centers.

Mahesh Babu : Okkadu, Athadu and Pokiri are the biggest hits in Mahesh Babu's career. Okkadu ran 50 days in 130 centers and 100 days in 90 centers. But it did not cross the run records set by Indra; Indra ran 50 days in 156 centres and 100 days in 117 centers.

Athadu movie was super hit at the box office. But it ran 50 days in 125 centers and 100 days in 30+ centers.

Pokiri stood box office number one hit by collecting 40 crores share. However, the movie, having released with just 200 prints, ran 50 days in 148 centers, 100 days in 137 centers and jubilees in 48 centers. It did not beat the 50 days and 100 days records set by Tagore. Tagore ran 50 days in 222 centers and 100 days in 182 centers. Moreover, Pokiri did not beat even Jubilees record set by NTR. Simhadri ran 175 days in 55 centers. Till now, this record has not been broken by any movie.

Note: All the centers mentioned above are only direct centers. Shifted centers and film magazines' bogus centers lists were not considered.

Bottom-line: Unlike the above two heroes, NTR Jr. set several "Run" records through his movies Adi (100 days 90 centers, record among youth heroes then), Simhadri (100 days 145 centers and jubilees 55 centers all time run records at that time).


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