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Tollywood Top Heroes And Their Rankings

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  Tollywood Top Heroes And Their Rankings  
Date: 22nd October 2012  

Considering the number of hits, collections for the movies, records at the box office, fan following, image, market reach and all other factors, and after reviewing it with many film analysts, we are coming up with the rankings of the current generation Top heroes of Tollywood as follows.

No.1: 'Super Star' Mahesh Babu

Mahesh Babu gave two back to back blockbusters and has also created industry records and a few more super hits. He has both mass and class audiences as his fans especially among youth audiences. He is also leading the advertisement field and has a good reputation in national level.

No.2: 'Power Star' Pawan Kalyan

Though initially there were super hits, Pawan Kalyan did not give a solid hit for 10 years. Now he got two back to back hits and is in full form. The positive aspect is that Pawan still maintains a great fan following.

No.3: 'Young Tiger' NTR

NTR has one blockbuster and a couple of super hits and a few other hits in his account. For almost eight years NTR was limited to a set of audiences and a kind of roles. Since Rakhi onwards he changed his track and he has been doing different roles since then. But till date none of his movies are in top five list of Tollywood.

No.4: 'Mega Power Star' Ram Charan Tej

Ram Charan Tej is just banking on his father's image even now and he needs still a lot to prove. Though he gave all time industry record (till date) Magadheera, less number of films and lesser experience is a major drawback of him.

No.5: 'Young Rebel Star' Prabhas

Although Prabhas has great mass following after Chathrapathi, he does not have that craze like the above.

No.6: 'Stylish Star' Allu Arjun

Allu Arjun is still not that of a star hero like others but still has got enough support from Mega fans which is keeping him in the list.

The above rankings are as per the present situation. Unlike Chiranjeevi's era, where he was in the number one position with a far better distance than others, the distance between the current top heroes is very less. A couple of continuous hits from a hero and a couple of continuous flops from a hero might shuffle these rankings. So, consider these rankings as of today.


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